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I'm a Vancouver-based self-taught artist who loves painting and anything to do with not dubstep. Sometime's I paint on canvas, and sometimes I paint outside and leave my work for passers-by to see, or garbage men to throw away later that day, but probably immediately. I don't work from inspiration too often, I just like to work. I feel like if you wait for inspiration to hit before you put a brush to canvas, you may never paint in your life. 

My friends, of which I have a solid 4, would probably say I like videogames too much, but I think everybody has there vice. I'm getting better at playing the game of life, though, and I think art is helping that somehow. I feel like seasoned artists who've grown a bit cynical would call that naivety, but to them I say "Whatever bruh, quit tryna' jack my swag."  

All I really want out of life is for my art to be seen, and to create something that will last even once I'm gone. That right there is why I paint. It's why I wake up in the morning. It's also why I draw profanities in school textbooks with permanent marker - it's about making your mark in this world.


- Christian Casadei