"Karate Kid" or "Literally Crazy"

I can't ever remember a time where I didn't fantasize about my life as a movie. A movie that plays out kind of like a jukebox musical, or atleast something that revolved around music (think Baby Driver).

In highschool, that movie would have had a lot of nine inch nails playing over scenes of deep brooding, and creepily staring at girls in science class. However, it would have ofcourse ended withthe song "The Promise" which also closes out Napoleon Dynamite. And there would be a happy montage of me getting the girl, and all my friends subplots being tied up in a nice bow. 

My current movie is different, and is a little less in-your-face about how you should feel about it. But, I already decided, it's going to end with me walking toward the camera (looking ahead, not at the camera - that's very stupid [and ofcourse nothing else I'm sayign is]), all the while "I Should Live in Salt" by the national is playing. Once the beat drops around a minute in, the screen goes to black and the credits roll. Goddamnit, that shit would be so good, someone should do that for real. And before that cut to black, there's got to be a little half smirk/smile kind of exactly like the ending of Magnolia. 

Now I'm throwing out a lot of songs and movie references that you may not know. And honestly, that's kind of your bad. You should have watched and seen all these things by now.

I feel like a great opening song is either Come On Up to the House by Tom Waits, or Starman by David Bowie. It's got to be a montage of waking up and getting ready for the day, because obviously a movie about anyones life starts that way. 

At this point I really hope other people are reading this and totally understand cause they do the same thing. Probably not though.

Fuck it, actually just make the whole soundtrack the same soundtrack from Highlander, and just make the movie the Karate Kid, but my face is superimposed on top of Mr Miyagi