"Why I Art" or "How to Live Forever"

Here's a quick portrait of me in grade 8: Long hair, french fry legs and arms, headphones always in with way-too-loud Nine Inch Nails or Red Hot Chili Peppers, zero aptitude for flirting or picking up social cues (later rectified, yearbook nominee for biggest flirt [self-nominated]), zero pairs of pants that were long enough to reach my shoes, a brown shirt, and an internal dialogue that was a revolving door of lines from The Punisher, Smokin' Aces, and Metal Gear Solid. In short, I was killing it. 

This is my actual, for-real goal that I had at the time. First off, I took grade 8 science very, very, very seriously. And the reason why is because I believed that it would eventually lead me to finding out how to live forever. I was going to eat salads or whatever - you know, lettuce and shit. I was going to study cells, DNA, long lasting animals like turtles, and somehow (didn't know then, don't know now) figure out a way to become immortal, and also have eternal youth. 

It took a couple days to realize this probably wasn't going to happen. Fast forward to grade 11, and I figure out the new way of how to live forever. A more familiar, realistic approach; Do something amazing, and become a statue. It's brilliant. But what was my plan? How would I get turned in to stone? Well I took the eating-lettuce-to-live-forever approach and decided that I'll become a famous athlete

Still so crazy, so impossible, but getting slightly more realistic. Lasted a couple years.

But now, present day, I've got this figured out for real. 

Make things. Leave your mark everywhere. Create physical things: it can be a painting, or it can be a table, don't matter, baby. Make a doodle and frame it. Carve your name on to a rock. Draw naked people in books. Put a sticker somewhere impossible to reach (and maybe see but who cares). Do something. 
And here's the other amazing thing: It doesn't even need to something that lasts forever for it to feel good. That's right: Lower those expectations even more. If you haven't already noticed this whole post is mainly about giving up on your dumb dreams and finding the real, pragmatic way of working toward achieving your goals. 

This is also going to be contradictory, because when I say dumb dreams, I'm talking about becoming a firetruck, or living at the bottom of the ocean. But anything else, go for it. I couldn't be an athlete because I didn't know what it took - but if you do, then do it, man or lady! And if you decide to go after making a concoction for eternal life, then do that! And if that works,100% definitely hit me up on direct message