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A collection of pieces created for the Vancouver-based hip-hop artist, 'Bagoly' for his "Queen of Night" mixtape, released January 11, 2013.

These were alot of fun to do, the whole project was. The only guidelines to follow while making these were the words 'Queen of Night' and it allowed alot of freedom to do whatever I wanted, and experiment with whatever I thought would look totally sweet. However, that also meant I made a monumental amount of failed pieces, alot of which I'll leave in the 'Scraps' gallery.

During the creation of all the pieces for this project, I always tried to incorporate either a crown, or an owl-like mask, or both. Still, the first complete picture I finished was about the 10th attempt at something that I had done. It was tricky. I bounced between digital and traditional to try and muster up a fitting image for the music my art would be representing. It was calm, and mesmerizing, and I always imagined a Queen of Night wouldn't be any different.

The third piece, featuring Bagoly himself came over a month after the mixtape's release in January. It was different than the first two pictures, that was for sure. It had quotes from the songs, multiple queens, and a little less colour than its predecessors. It was also a much larger image, I always thought of it to be something like a fan-made poster, the way it's done. At the end of the day, I still love the piece - as I love the music itself. So hell, I guess technically it is a fan-made poster.

Here's the link to Bagoly on facebook
and on Twitter

and his youtube where you can find all of his videos, including those for "Queen of Night." They are awesome, and well worth checking out. 


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A collection of pieces created for the Vancouver-based hip-hop artist, 'Bagoly' for his "Moonfall" album, released June 23, 2013.

After I was told about the project one night, I had a finished piece ready to go by the following morning. I was excited to see what I could come up with for the theme of Moonfall, and the image of a man lamenting under a nearing moon came to me mysteriously, and swiftly - It almost seemed to come from somewhere else entirely, certainly not my own head. Not being one to refuse presents, I rushed to sketch the idea out somewhere. 

While I was drawing, I noticed a sense of drive come upon me; One that I hadn't felt for a piece of art in a heinous amount of time. So I rode that feeling through a few hours of the night, and then early the next morning, and the piece was done. To be honest I felt strange that it was done so abruptly. And it was definitely done hurriedly. You can see it in the 'rough around the edges' appearance it exhudes. That wasn't premeditated, it really is a little rough in places - this I know. What I know just a bit more clearly, though, is that I wouldn't have it any other way.

It might be one of my favorite pictures I've done for Bagoly. It's undoubtedly the simplest in concept, but I think the most effective in giving off a mood of what to expect in the music.

The second piece came much later, and originally I wanted the whole thing to be done traditionally - but near it's completion I couldn't look over the fact that it was undeniably lacking in life and seemed barren. It wasn't vivid enough. Yet after some digital alteration the piece was finally where it needed to be. It was more vibrant than any other piece I'd done for Bagoly, but I loved the sense of quiet and peacefulness I got from looking at it. It was different. It was the last piece I did for him before the album's release. It was tranquil. It was my own little calm before the storm. 

Check out his youtube where you can find all of his videos, including the ones from his "Moonfall" EP.


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An assortment of pieces made for the band "Chatterton Eve," a Vancouver-based rock group with a hint of folk and blues.

All of these pieces were very fun to make, partly due to the fact that they were all very spontaneous. The Little White Lies art was made on a very short deadline, the second piece was intended as a piece of fan art made one morning, and the third piece was (originally) a painting commissioned and finished in one night. 

While I had some direction for where to go with the Little White Lies piece, hearing their music was the best possible compass. The song itself, for me, has a very ethereal feel (though it hits a hell of a climax). While the fan art did have some planning behind it, the overall look came from spontaneity - and my lack of painting prowess. However, in the end, it's one of my favorite pictures I've made in a long ass time.

As for the show poster, it was originally a very plain painting I had done in little over an hour, though when I say plain, I mean heinously so. I was more than thankful I had the ability to just go at it digitally and make the thing look eye catching. I'd never done a show poster, yet it became clear that it could really be an image of anything, so I opted out for a face, though it was a fun expression to try and pull off. Even better, it seems to suit the trippy background much more than I ever intended, so I'll take it.

Check Chatterton Eve out on their facebook page, 
their Bandcamp page
and their Twitter Page