Sometimes I think I want to create a comic / graphic novel. I draw a fake cover; get the idea out there. But that's the fun part. When I realize the next step is to make characters, figure out a story, do detailed pages (upon pages [and that includes drawing backgrounds]). it's then that I start to think to myself:   "mmmm, no thanks."
  old one from last year. sometimes i fantasize i can make a comic. then i remember i cant write. also i hate backgrounds. I just draw covers instead and then imagine the story in my head. This one was about the weakest strong guy ever who is obsessed with street fighting and suffers from chronic night terrors. He befriends hookers and beats up nice people and it's a family-friendly story.
 Did this one outside in about 3 hours on an 8 foot tall piece of foamboard. It has, to this day, gotten me one of the best feedback responses I've ever recieved:
 ..and there it is
 Here's the second best comment I ever got
 The time i got frontpaged on newgrounds. Years ago in highschool, I drew these half naked girls in hopes that it would get me Newgrounds famous. I knew two things about newgrounds: it was filled with horrible, horrible people (like me), and they loved boobs. I never made the front page.   I should've known; on the internet, cats always trump boobs   
 My first painting ever. Jesus
 The first time some of my art was put out in public. I still have one of these posters, and its probably went down in price if anything since then.
 Another hidden painting I may or may not have made.
 Sometimes I paint doors. Thanks to the Bagoly family for accepting it into their home. Moving the painting of their son downstairs to make way for the woman of the night
 it aint glamorous
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