July 7, 2013


This site is meant to be mainly an online portfolio of sorts for myself to compile my work, and for others to take a look at the stuff I've done.
It took awhile to make, and honestly, as of right now, there isn't a whole ton of finished work to see. I realized while putting this thing together that a lot of my art pieces are merely sketches, but I know that in time the "work" folders will be filled with plenty more pictures to see.
One day I may even sell prints if I think I can come up with something worthy of being on a wall. I'll convert my room to a sweatshop/ printing depot hybrid and bang them out for cheap if I can, but no promises yet. 
The one promise I will make is that as long as this site is active - which is at least a year for the domain to expire (or less if I finally lose it and become a hobo) - I will do my best to make good art.